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  •   10+Case studies on Projects and Operations
  •   Top Vessel Operators in attendance

“Over the next five years Douglas-Westwood (DW) expect $122 billion (bn) to be spent on global subsea vessel operations – an increase of 64% compared to the previous five year period,” - Marine Technology News, Jan 2015

As the vessel market scrambles to improve vessel utilisation and manage OPEX, key market drives of the subsea construction, SURF and IRM industry remain unchanged. High spec vessels remain in demand, charterer expectations do not change, and operational value-add is paramount.

The 4th Annual Subsea Vessels conference will take a closer look at what it takes to succeed in today’s market. Meet top industry decision makers and hear what is making them tick, how they are dealing with trying conditions, and what their projections are for the near future.

“Quite various topics were shared and significant insight info on the global subsea market.  Would attend this conference next year,“
Ngoh Ang Hwa, Naval Architect, Wartsila Ship Design


Featured Speakers

Venkatraman Sheshashayee
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director
Miclyn Express Offshore
Phillip Chamberlain
Chief Operating Officer
Thome Offshore Management
Tony Stokes
Managing Director - Asia Pacific & Middle East


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What’s new in 2015?

  • SURF, IRM and Installation Market Outlook
  • Vessel types in demand, and the increasing role of flexibility / multipurpose vessels
  • Achieving cost efficient practices through CAPEX and OPEX control
  • Market access strategies in new hotspots in APAC
  • Case studies on cost effective SURF and IRM operations
  • Game-changers in technology and applications in APAC
  • Project case studies in different geographic regions
  • Renegotiating chartering contracts

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